Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development, early childhood development stages
The Welborn Baptist Foundation, Inc., through its Early Childhood Development Committee, has to established and implemented a comprehensive early childhood program that, beginning at birth, emphasizes the child’s health as a whole, including behavioral, emotional, and intellectual development, as well as physical well-being.1 This program acknowledges, promotes and encourages parents as children’s first and best teachers and provides the tools to help children develop language and literacy skills with the support of their parents or primary caregivers, who will also have the opportunity to improve their own skills.

It  also endeavors to: 1) address child care needs of children through age five, in a variety of care settings, driven by age appropriate strategies; 2) engage and inform parents, the public, and policymakers on issues affecting child care; 3) provide access to support services to parents, the child care providing community and the direct caregivers of children. This program is designed employing leading expertise in the respective subject areas (in the form of nationally recognized experts as well as a local knowledge base that will serve as an Advisory Committee to the Early Childhood Committee). It has established the highest standards of care and utilize the best practices available to ensure the highest quality program. It has also incorporated rigorous evaluation standards that will assess whether the program is successful in achieving the desired outcomes, measure the program’s costs and determine the relation of the program’s costs to its outcomes.

This program incorporates the following components:
 ·   Behavioral and physical development of children ages birth to 5;
·    Parent Education;
·    Family Literacy;
·    Child Care

In 2005, the Welborn Baptist Foundation began a major new initiative in early childhood development. This initiative is now in entering its third year, and has resulted in significant Foundation investments directed towards improving the quality of early childhood development.
Child care providers (family home and center-based) interested in learning more about, or participating in, this initiative are encouraged to contact 4C of Southern Indiana, Inc. at (812) 423-4008 or visit the 4C website at www.child-care.org.

In 2007, the Foundation funded the establishment of the Healthy Steps for Young Children Initiative in two pediatric clinical settings. Healthy Steps is a national initiative that focuses on the importance of the first three years of life. This program was developed by an interdisciplinary pediatric team at the Boston University School of Medicine and piloted in 24 public clinic and private practice/residency settings across the country. Healthy Steps emphasizes a close relationship between health care professionals and parents in addressing the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth and development of children from birth to age three and seeks to incorporate into the pediatric and family practice settings, preventive developmental and behavioral services.

Based upon the continuing development of initiatives related to early childhood development, the Foundation is not accepting letters of interest in this target area at this time.

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